Lion E-Shield

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.2
Sale price$22.00 USD


"Any slowdown and you'll be playing the ball backwards" - that's how the GeblockTT 2018 YouTubers described the Anti Lion Mantlet.
Now Lion presents the E-Shield which is even slower than the Mantlet - but unfortunately you can't play the ball backwards either.
The E-Shield is slightly slower than the Mantlet and much softer

The top layer of the E-Shield has been sanded, but still has a bit more grip than the top layers of the other Antis from Lion and SpinLord. However, this should not be due to the manufacturing process, but to the considerably softer and also slightly more elastic rubber compound.

In principle, all the Anti's of Lion and SpinLord already mentioned are quite close to each other in terms of game and the disturbing effect is also quite equivalent. The E-Shield is arguably the most dangerous of all, with slightly less control.

Speed: 20
Effect: 60
Control: 85
Hardness: Damping underlayer