Lion Firearms OX

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
Sale price$16.00 USD


The Lion Firearms combines a very hard sponge (hardness according to Japanese standards approx. 46-48 degrees) with a soft top sheet.

The knobs of the firearm are corrugated and straight with a wider conical reinforcement on the knobbed base. In addition, the knobs are not only short, but also remarkably wide and arranged vertically. The distance between the knobs is in the middle.

The speed of the Lion Firearm in the offensive area is slightly below the fastest short pimples such as the SpinLord Waran. The speed is generated almost entirely by the sponge, which is very powerful despite its hardness. The topsheet alone is rather slow and ensures a short and flat ball flight curve. The Firearms is very dangerous for a short pimple and has its strengths in the classic block and counter game. Undercut balls are also very possible, but topspins are rather difficult due to both the hardness and the shape of the pimples. The Firearms is also particularly suitable for playing at the table.

This rubber is remarkably heavy for a short pimple.

Our recommendation is the Firearms as a faster and more dangerous alternative to classic Chinese short pimples such as the Friendship 802. Players who prefer modern short pimples such as those from SpinLord will probably not be that happy with the Firearms

Speed: 96
Spin: 85
Control: 80