Lion Mantlet Anti

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.2
Sale price$17.00 USD


The Lion Mantlet is an extremely slow anti with a slight residual grip. The mantlet is significantly smoother than the other anti-rubbers we offer, but more grippy than anti-rubbers, which are completely smooth after production thanks to a special surface treatment.

However, the speed of this surface is even significantly below that of most of these so-called "Glantis". Nevertheless, the playing behavior differs noticeably from these rubbers, as the easy grip allows a more variable game, for example the mantlet can be used very well for defense against undercuts. Of course, you can also block safely and briefly.

Attack balls, however, are difficult to achieve. The top sheet of the mantlet is hard, the rather soft sponge is a dampening sponge of the latest generation.

The mantlet was quite controversial with our test players - the comments ranged from very good to rather unplayable. Some also found it just difficult to understand how to play this rubber most effectively. Some test players attested the disruptive effect of a long pimple to this rubber, others found it very safe but harmless.

In our opinion, this rubber is especially interesting for players who miss good control and sufficient possibilities for a variable playing style with smooth anti-rubbers, but for whom long pimples are too fast and also too uncontrolled.

In any case, the good quality and the fair price are positive. And in contrast to rubbers like the SpinLord Sandwind, the Mantlet is definitely a “real” anti, but it is also very innovative and independent. Just try it! By the way, Lion is also the manufacturer of almost all “Glantis” from various brands. Lion developed this rubber itself without the help of these or other brands.

Installation is possible with covering adhesives without VOC as well as with covering adhesive films. We recommend installation with our SpinLord Fast Fix or Ultra Fix adhesive so that the covering can be easily removed from the wood (please only apply one layer of adhesive to the wood and the covering).

Only available in thickness 1.2 mm.

Speed: 30
Spin: 40
Control: 100
Hardness: Damping