Lion Pavise

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 0.7
Sale price$23.00 USD


The Lion Pavise is a tacky anti with a novel sponge that is neither a dampening sponge nor a normal sponge. This sponge makes the rubber neither faster nor slower, but increases the disruptive effect.

The speed of the Pavise is right in the middle between the Gigant and the Gigant II, well above the Mantlet. The Pavise is still a very slow rubber, but the speed reserves are enough to be able to play offensive strokes yourself. However, due to the very hard and inelastic top-sheet no topspins are possible, but counter balls and a shot at weak returns of the opponent.

Overall the feeling of this rubber is medium hard and also a little bit harder than the already mentioned other antis from Lion and SpinLord. Very striking is a certain „liveliness“ of the rubber, which one would not expect from such a slow rubber. That also means that the Pavise has a little bit more catapult effect than usual.

The Pavise is primarily aimed at trained Anti-players. The disruptive effect is comparable to that of frictionless antis, the control as well. Thus the Pavise is more difficult to play than the Lion Mantlet or the SpinLord Gigant, but its also more dangerous.

The Pavise is especially suitable for the block game at the table, for the undercut defense we can only recommend this rubber very little.

The grip of the top-sheet is the same as that of the Lion Mantlet. The weight of the rubber is very low.

On the back of the sponge is a protective film which must be removed before assembling the rubber

Speed: 40
Spin: 50
Control: 90
Hardness: Medium

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