Lion Rebirth OX

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: OX
Sale price$15.00 USD


The Lion Rebirth is a novel medium-length bump based on the SpinLord lightning strike. The soft and elastic rubber compound and the texture of the bump heads (unresified but slightly sticky surface) are the same, only the shape of the bumps is different. These are slightly conical and for a medium-long bump quite long, but significantly shorter than those of the lightning strike.

The lion rebirth sponge is the same as the SpinLord Degu. Thus, it is not only soft, but also offers a good built-in fresh adhesive effect.

The Lion Rebirth is much more efficient than almost any other medium-length bump, and the disruptive effect is also high. However, the flooring is also not easy to play.

Of all our medium-long bumps, the Rebirth has the softest ball attack. The increased ball contact time favors a variable playing style. The Lion Rebirth also allows the player to play a topspin, as with pimples inside pads, which is very rarely possible with medium-long bumps. Another positive aspect is the very low weight of the Lion Rebirth.

Speed: 88
Spin: 85
Control: 75