Lion Trapper Pro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 0.5
Sale price$28.00 USD


The Trapper Pro is optically 100% identical to the Trapper (only "Trapper" is written on both surfaces), but the Trapper Pro offers slightly different playing properties due to a modified manufacturing process (or specially selected raw materials) of the same rubber compound. This makes the Trapper Pro a little faster and harder (the ball stop is medium hard, roughly on the level of the thorn shine) than the Trapper, without losing its elasticity. However, the Trapper Pro is not quite as fast as we initially thought, so the pace remains a little behind that of the fastest long pimples.

With its thin knobs and the small distance between the knobs, the Trapper Pro allows a maximum number of knobs on the surface. The knobbed heads are classically ribbed, the knobbed necks have a cylindrical shape.

The Trapper Pro is ideal for playing blocks at the table, but can also be used effectively to defend against undercuts. Due to the slightly higher speed and elasticity, it is also dangerous for the opponent, although not as much as the Dornenglanz, but it is more variably playable. Control is pretty good.

Overall, the trapper specially developed for the polyball is also and above all suitable for more powerful players. It is one of the few all-round knobs that can be played effectively without much use of the wrist.

The sponge in the version with a sponge is a medium-hard, rather classic China sponge, which makes the base quite fast. Most players should prefer the ox version with this rubber, since in our opinion the version with a sponge does not offer any significant advantages.

Speed: 58
Noise Effect: 100
Control: 79
Hardness: Medium