Milky Way Uranus Poly

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$15.00 USD


The upper rubber of Uranus Poly is extremely hard and inelastic. The bumps are very short and only slightly fluted. The grip of Uranus Poly is therefore at the lower end of what is allowed. The distance between the bumps and the width of the bumps are average.

The sponge of Uranus Poly is very soft, but also not particularly elastic.

The pace of Uranus Poly is in the offensive area and quite reaches the pace of the SpinLord Waran. However, the ball attack is much harder and the possibilities for a variable way of playing are less. Rather, Uranus Poly is a faster and even harder version of Milky Way Pluto. The playful suitability is similar (block and counter play), but the disruptive effect of Uranus Poly is greater. This surface is not easy to control, but at least not very susceptible to incoming rotation. It should also be noted that the Uranus Poly is rather heavy for a short bump.

There are also several versions of this covering, this is the version with a yellow sponge (we don't know the other versions). Conclusion: A very idiosyncratic, but also innovative covering - we haven't seen such a hard upper rubber.

Note: Coverings in 2.0 mm are marked as "max" by the manufacturer. These can also be slightly thicker than 2.0 mm.

Speed: 100
Spin: 40
Control: 70
Hardness: 40º