Milky Way Uranus Pro

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$21.00 USD


The Uranus Pro has nothing to do with the older Uranus Poly, but is a completely new short pimpled rubber.
The Uranus Pro is most similar to the Waran II - it is very fast, hard and direct when hitting the ball
The studs of the Uranus Pro are very short, conical and ribbed. The distance between the studs is quite small, the width of the studs is average.
The rubber compound of the upper rubber of the Uranus Pro has slightly more grip than that of the Waran. Still, the Uranus Pro is slightly more spider-friendly.
The bottom layer of the Uranus Pro is quite hard (we estimate the hardness to be about 45 degrees) and clearly "factory adjusted". Because the topsheet is also hard, the ball impact of the Uranus Pro is generally quite direct.
The speed of the Uranus Pro is between that of the Waran and that of the Waran II. The Uranus Pro is therefore not our fastest short pimpled rubber, but certainly in the top group in terms of speed.
As expected, the Uranus Pro is only suitable for direct power play without much spin and unfortunately also without much disruptive effect, but with an enormous penetrating power.
The weight of the Uranus Pro is slightly above average.
Overall, the Uranus Pro is undoubtedly a very good short pimple rubber, much better than the short pimple rubbers found on most other Chinese brands

Note: The sponge thickness of 2.1mm is specified by the manufacturer as 2.15mm.

Speed: 100
Spin: 80
Control: 80
Hardness: 45º