Palio AK 47 Yellow

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$21.00 USD


Palio now offers the popular AK 47 in 3 new versions. Actually, these are rather completely new coverings, since both upper rubber and sponge have been significantly changed.

The upper rubber is now very grippy, but not sticky at all and even more elastic than before. Overall, the upper rubber now looks like those from German or Japanese production without compromises. This includes the ability to generate a lot of spin despite the lack of stickiness. The upper rubber is identical for all 3 new versions.

The versions differ in their different sponges: The Palio AK 47 yellow offered here is the slowest version The hardness of the medium hard sponge is approx. 42-44 degrees. You can recognize this version by your yellow sponge.

Players who are looking for a controlled offensive surface from China, which plays like a German or Japanese surface without compromise, are exactly right here. The AK 47 yellow is the right version for all players who prefer a moderate built-in fresh adhesive effect, which is still very easy to control despite the already quite high tempo. For many players, this surface should be of particular interest as a backhand surface, as a block and counter play is also very possible.

In our opinion, the similarity of the new AK 47 coverings to German coverings is even greater than to Japanese. These pads appear as if Palio had copied his own German-made pads, such as the Palio Blitz, as far as possible 1:1 in order to produce more cheaply in China in the future. Compared to similar pads from other Chinese brands in the same price range, such as the Friendship 729 Battle, the new Palio AK 47 versions are more durable and, on average, slightly better processed.

Speed: 105
Spin: 89
Control: 90
Hardness: 42-44º

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