Palio CJ8000 Speed Premium

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$22.00 USD


The upper rubber of the Palio CJ 8000 Speed is combined with the new premium sponge in a slightly harder version than the Palio CJ 8000 Premium (manufacturer's specification 40-42 degrees instead of 36-38 degrees). However, the sponge is still slightly softer than the cheaper version of the Palio CJ8000 Speed. Compared to the Palio CJ 8000 Premium, the overall feel of the game is more compact with a shorter ball contact time. The CJ 8000 Speed Premium offers a light built-in fresh adhesive effect (without factory tuning) and a very strong catapult effect. Like the CJ 8000 Speed, the Premium version is particularly well suited for the table-close game, but it can also be played from half-distance without any problems. The effet values are also higher in this version than with the "normal" CJ 8000 Speed and the processing quality is better. However, this flooring is not easy to control. The CJ 8000 Speed Premium is therefore an ideal surface for aggressive offensive play without compromise and with high risk. Very pleasant is also the unusually low weight of the covering for a covering of this degree of hardness. For all players who have been annoyed about the generally declining quality of the Palio CJ 8000 Speed, the Palio CJ 8000 Speed Premium is of course an absolute dream covering anyway.

Speed: 105
Spin: 102
Control: 88
Hardness: 40 ° -42 °

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