Palio CJ8000 Spin

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$16.00 USD


The Palio CJ 8000 Spin is the classic among the pads with maximum effet. Since this covering is not only very grippy, but also very elastic, it generates enormous rotation even with longer arm movements.

The quality of the upper rubber has recently been significantly improved - it is now consistently slightly sticky and has a clean look. We guarantee that we only supply pads from the new production !

The catapult effect on this surface is comparable to classic Japanese coverings, the tempo is in the controlled offensive area. For players with the main strokes topspin and undercut, this covering is therefore ideal. The difference to the Friendship pads is the slightly higher elasticity, which does not quite reach the level of a SpinLord Marten II.

The hardness of the covering is indicated by the manufacturer at 36-38 degrees, but realistically 40-42 degrees. Thus, the covering is to be assessed as almost medium hard.

Speed: 91
Spin: 97
Control: 84
Hardness: 36º-38º