Palio Power Dragon Biotech

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$24.00 USD


The Palio Power Dragon is slightly slower and harder than the Flying Dragon, but still very fast (hardness of the sponge according to the manufacturer 40-42 degrees, but is harder). The bumps of the Power Dragon are rather short, very wide and very grippy, as well as highly elastic. The sponge is "factory-tuned" with built-in fresh adhesive effect.

The Power Dragon is the right choice for an offensive counter and block game with short bumps. At the same time, due to its high rotation values, this coating also offers good possibilities for topspins. In contrast to conventional short bumps, this surface can also be used from the half-distance, but the Power Dragon is intended for the table-close powerplay.

Our tip is this surface for advanced pimples who want to actively shape the game instead of waiting for mistakes of the opponent.

Compared to SpinLord's short bumps, the upper rubber is playfully at least as good, but less processed. However, the sponge is slightly less high-quality and is not even one of the best sponges of Palio, since the elasticity is only in the middle range.

Speed: 96
Spin: 78
Control: 82
Hardness: 34º-36º