Palio The Way Hard

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$25.00 USD


The upper rubber of this covering is slightly sticky, very soft and extremely elastic. In the last two points, "The Way" clearly surpasses Palio's other pads (not only), although the hardness of the upper rubber is of course also a matter of taste. In any case, quality and durability are significantly better than with the cheaper Palio pads such as the Palio CJ 8000 Spin.

The sponge is available in 3 degrees of hardness:

36-38 degree yellow sponge (soft) – more similar, but slightly softer and faster sponge than that of the Palio CJ 8000 Premium.
39-41 degree orange sponge (medium) – the sponge of the Drunken Dragon 40+.
42-44 degrees red sponge (hard) – the sponge of the AK 47 red, slightly softer.
The hard version with the red sponge is offered here. The other two versions are listed as separate items.

The yellow and orange versions are almost the same fast, the red version is slightly faster than the other two versions.

''The Way'' is a topping for the dynamic topspin game and just the right topping for all players who are looking for a very grippy surface with a strong built-in fresh adhesive effect. ''The Way'' is not quite as sticky as many other pads from China, but can still generate an extremely high rotation due to the very long ball contact time. The increased ball contact time also allows significantly higher control values than usual in this speed class. The playing behaviour of "The Way" is not quite as European as the new Palio AK 47 series, but is still ideal for players with long arm movements. A plus point is certainly also that even with the softest version block and counter balls are very possible, as is usually the case only with harder China pads. For attack strokes with short arm movements, other coverings with harder upper rubber are better.

The weight of this covering is in the middle range.

Speed: 110
Spin: 102
Control: 85
Hardness: Hard