S&T Black & White

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Handle: Straight
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Black & White

More rotation for playing with the plastic ball.

1+2 layer: Koto
3+5 Layer: Black Coth
4+6 Layer: Balsa
7 Layer: Limba

The Black & White is with approx. 67 grams an absolute lightweight among the table tennis blades. It actively protects your wrist and prevents tennis elbow.
During development, we made sure that the 7-layer combination wood harmonises very well with pimpled surfaces. The forehand side is located between allround plus and offensive minus in terms of speed. The backhand side is in the all-round area. You will immediately feel how pleasantly safe and dangerous the blade is playing.

On the forehand the wood makes a lot of pressure. The balls jump directly and like a catapult from your own club blade to the front. You always keep the upper hand in the game and can dictate the rallies at will.
Especially in active play above the table, wood develops into a real weapon.
Due to the low weight, you also achieve a higher forearm acceleration. The ball flies with more spin and speed to the opponent’s side.

The speed reduction and the flat ball bounce on the backhand are very convenient for the pimple player. Also faster pimples like the long pimple Schmerz can be controlled very well, so that the ball does not fly over the table. The pressure slip and the attack ball are the great strength of the wood.
Due to the lightness of the wood, short, fast movements are easy to play. You will also find it easier to hold the bat above the table and hit the ball as soon as possible.

Recommended play system:
Attack game close to the table with the forehand. Offensive pimple play with the backhand.
On the forehand we recommend a controlled offensive surface.
On the backhand it harmonizes wonderfully with a long pimple such as Hellfire or Schmerz.

The pleasant weight of the Black & White creates a real feeling of freedom when playing. The change from forehand to backhand is child’s play.
The blade is especially suitable for pimple players who also want to attack.

Speed: FH86 BH79
Control: FH84 BH91
Flexural strength: 85
Weight: approx. 67 grams

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