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Handle: Flared
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Dominate All
More flexibility in offensive and defensive play.

1+5 layer: fineline (grey)
2+4 Layer: Acacia
Wood core: Ayous

The Dominate All with its grey club face and yellow-black grip is a design highlight. The forehand is recognizable by the abbreviation “FH” in the grip of the club. The wood lies extraordinarily well in the hand. This is due to the compact and round handle of the racket. The contact surface for the thumb is kept pleasantly small, so that the wood lies handy in the hand. The centre of gravity is about 1cm above the end of the grip. Thus the Dominate All is perfectly balanced.

Recommended play system:
With the Dominate ALL Holz, our first weapon for the all-round area, we are specifically targeting two types of players:

The advanced long pimple player:
The blade offers more speed reserves than classic and modern defensive blades and thus favours all offensive strokes in order to put the opponent under pressure and force him to make mistakes. This is especially noticeable with backhand shots with long pimples. Fast and nevertheless placed balls can be pressed to the desired point.
The classic all-round player:
Are you looking for a blade that is an extension of your playing arm and gives you the ultimate feeling for the ball? The balance and carefully selected veneers mean that we have this for you. Due to the medium-hard stroke you can guide the balls very long, especially during topspin and bang, which results in a maximum cut and a good placement leads. Another highlight is the high level of control provided by the block. Even the hardest topspins can be brought under control in order to play the decisive ball more with your own safety.
Fast and nevertheless placed balls can be pressed to the desired point without having to do without control.

The Dominate All is a classic all-round wood. It adapts to every game situation and gives you the necessary stability in offensive and defensive play. The blade harmonizes perfectly with the long pimple Easy P in OX!

Speed: 84
Control: 98
Flexural strength: 89
Weight: approx. 86 grams

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