S&T Easy P

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: OX
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Maximum control for every pimples player – from beginner to professional

Pimping structure:
The bump heads of the Easy P are as close to each other as with the pain. In a direct comparison, however, one can see that the individual bumps are a little further apart.
Pimple width:
The bumps are narrow and compact. This allows you excellent control when blocking over the table. You can devote yourself in more detail to your technique.

The bump with the softest rubber compound! When swiping over the flooring, you notice how smoothly the individual bumps bend. Similar to the offensive pads, it is also with the bumps. The softer the rubber compound, the slower and more controlled the covering plays. With this, we have designed a "light play" for all pimples.
In the development of the Easy P, the focus was on developing a new "light play" with maximum danger that you can play close to the table.
Thanks to a special manufacturing process of the bump heads, the Lange Bump has a very low speed.

Topspins can be dropped over the table early. Partly already in the ascending of the ball. The pure "holding down" is very controlled possible. In this case, the opponent is disturbed with an exact placement in the game flow. Another specialty is the pressure on empty balls and undercuts. Due to the high insensitivity of the Easy P, the pressure sifting can be used very effectively and successfully.

The Easy P offers the optimal entry, especially for novice pimples. You have maximum control and develop a good feel for the bump. This eliminates your opponent's tempo and rotation. This allows you to play the ball back pleasantly easily.
The Long Bump is also very suitable for players who want to switch from an offensive surface to a bump.
The topping also played by players in high game classes. The good control allows the focus on a good playing technique.

Very controlled long bud, which is ideal for beginners and tech-savvy players.

Speed: 35
Disturb effect: 100
Control: 105
Hardness: Medium