S&T Firestarter

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Handle: Straight
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Control and safety in pimple play

1+5 layer: fineline (brown)
2+4 Layer: Ayous
Wood core: Ayous

The Firestarter is the most defensive blade from Sauer & Tröger. The selected veneers have been specially selected so that you can feel the maximum control of a table tennis blade. Due to the special CBIF bonding, the forehand is slightly faster than the backhand. This allows you to play the attack shots with the forehand at even more speed.
Due to a long storage and drying time, the blade permanently retains the playing characteristics over which it has been used at the time of purchase.

When you hit the ball with your forehand, you will notice how the ball digs into the surface and into the blade. The result is a moderate catapult effect that lets the ball fly in a higher arc onto the other half of the table tennis table. The rotation development is enormous. It will be easy for you to place the balls exactly and to bring your opponent into distress in this way. Your own attacks are well possible with an early ball hitting point.
In passive play hardly any blade surpasses the Firestarter. It defuses even the most powerful attacks effortlessly. If you want to bring your opponent to despair with the control, then the Firestarter is just the right wood for you.

The feeling of security on the backhand is ideal for players whose blockballs have sailed past the table. The blade allows excellent control even with fast pimple rubbers. The balls bounce flat and with a lot of rotation on the opposing half. You equalize speed and spin with the Firestarter and become the safest player in the hall. The CBIF bonding is clearly noticeable and makes the wood very flexible.
The low speed gives you more time to prepare for your next shot.
You develop a true feeling for rotation, ball and hardness.

Recommended playing system:
1. block game close to the table
2. table distance defence with long pimples

The Firestarter is the perfect choice for control and spin oriented players

Speed: FH-46 BH-40
Control: FH-101 BH-115
Flexural strength: 80
Weight: approx. 84 grams