S&T Hellfire

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 0.9
Sale price$31.00 USD


Use the extra portion of cut to force the opponent to make easier mistakes.

Pimples structure:
The bumps of the Hellfire stand conspicuously far apart. This is the secret to its unique cutting development.
The defensive balls behind the table produce so much cut that the opponent is forced to snare at the 2nd or 3rd ball. When playing, the impression arises that the ball literally gets caught between the long bumps.
This reduces the tempo of the incoming ball and converts it into cut.

Pimp width:
The wider bump heads with the slightly roughened surface are a trademark of the Hellfire. If you hit the ball well, you're going to give your opponent a real headache.
Pimps hard
hard, almost porous – you might think. However, the stiffer bumpheads of the Hellfire are an absolute guarantee of success. A powerful cut ball is created, which puts the opponent in great trouble. The Hellfire also has its qualities in the offensive game. The harder bumps allow you to hit firm attacking balls right after the ball bounces. Your opponent will be overwhelmed by this variety and will no longer know how much cut is in which ball.

Possibly the best pimpled covering on the market:
With the Hellfire, for the first time since the
ban on slack, it has been possible to produce a dangerous surface with a new rubber compound and a unique bump geometry, which nevertheless has a moderate pace. Previous long-knob coverings could only offer one of the two properties. Due to the low tempo, you can control passive block balls close to the table. Topspins can be stung and cut-rich balls succeed easily. Even with offensive strokes, the covering is very insensitive to cuts. This makes it easier to get fast and placed balls.

The version with the 0.9 mm sponge is recommended by the classic defender or the player close to the table, who wants a strong cushioning of his strokes.

For all pimples who want to get the maximum out of their long bump. More cutting simply is not possible – especially not when playing with the plastic ball.

Speed: 40
Disturbing effect: 80
Control: 95
Hardness: Medium