S&T Hipster

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.1
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Nothing is impossible! More flexibility with the half-long bump when switching from passive to active play


Pimpling structure:
The hipster's cylindrical bumps are arranged side by side at a moderate distance. The bump necks are rather narrow, so that similar to the classic long bump cut is created when blocking.
The hipster's half-long bumps buckle slightly even at a moderate pace of the incoming ball and catapult the ball forward with active hitting technique. Almost every incoming ball can be actively played forward without much regard for the incoming rotation. These features make the hipster a real all-rounder.


The half-long bump hipster is fun and very efficient!
It combines the positive properties of short and long
pimpled pads and is therefore an optimal all-rounder.
Its soft, half-long bumps make it possible to counter,
pull or shoot any incoming cut.
In passive play, this modern surface allows crooked, non-linear trajectories and lets the
ball bounce off flat on the other side.

The greatest strength of the half-long bump is the quick change between the different strokes. The flooring makes it possible for the properties of a long bump to merge with those of a short bump. You can adjust your playing rhythm as desired during the game. Your opponent will be overwhelmed with your flexibility!
Decide for yourself: The thinner you choose the sponge, the more the topping will have the properties of a long bump. The thicker, the more it resembles a short bump.

The hipster is a very versatile pimpled surface. It is worth a test for every all-round player.
In addition, the half-long bump is interesting for the long-sleeved player, who acts a lot with counter, topspin or shot and who wants to keep his game active. It is also suitable for the short-knit player, who wants to shape his game with a higher disruptive effect with a very small change.

Extremely versatile and hardly cut-prone covering, in which the all-round player can develop his full strength with varied strokes. The Dominate ALL for pads!

Speed: 91
Spin: 80
Control: 82
Hardness: Hard-