S&T Kasalla

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Handle: Straight
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More speed and precision for your offensive game!

1+7 Layer: Limba
2+6 Layer: Balsa
3+5 Layer: beech
Wood core: Balsa

The Kasalla is a blade with balsa cores and specially developed for the pimple player.
Balsa is a very light material that has a pleasant catapult effect.
It is particularly suitable for use as table tennis wood due to its elasticity and low weight. The Kasalla is an offensive blade
(OFF-/OFF) which offers you good control despite its high speed.
The blade is a pleasant light grey. The lens in the grip shell is black.
The balsa core and the other layers can be identified very well.

When countering the Kasalla one notices its tempo directly. The ball bounces directly and with a short contact time out of the club. This allows you to put pressure on your opponent with a small, short movement. Topspin strengthens the impression of a real offensive wood. The ball stroke is in comparison a little softer and more spin comes into the ball. With a soft or medium hard surface like the Secret Flow Chop you get a light catapult effect, which increases the trajectory of the ball and gives your own game more time. In passive play, the balsa core slows down the incoming balls and provides good control when blocking.

The blade is intended for players who also want to attack with their long pimple on the backhand. The high basic speed of the blade allows you to distribute the balls well and to play at the baseline for a long time. This creates a time pressure on your opponent. This is a great advantage when playing with plastic balls.
Furthermore, you don’t have to make long movements when blocking or stabbing with the long pimple. The Kasalla does this by itself. The quality of the balls remains at a constantly high level.

With short pimples the blade is a real weapon and your balls have an enormous penetrating power due to the built-in catapult effect.

Recommended play system:
Forehand: pimples inside – Backhand: long pimple
Forehand or backhand Short pimple

Speed: 93
Control: 81
Flexural strength: 90
Weight: approx. 79 grams