S&T Schmerz

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
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Schmerz – strained blows: Combination between the disruptive effect in the defensive game with the soft topspin in the offensive game.

The long bump pain has 3 basic properties that distinguish it from ordinary bumps.

The bump structure:
The bump heads lie tight and compact next to each other. This makes you hit the balls very evenly. Even if you don't get the ball optimally or don't hit the ball fully, the pain automatically compensates for the inaccuracy.
The pimples thickness:
In the development of the pain, we have made sure that the individual bumps are thinner than with other coverings. This creates more control in the defensive game. Whether at the front of the table or as a classic defender behind the table, the tremendous control of the pain causes despair for your opponent.

The pimples hardness:
The pimples hardness is the most important component of any covering. The rubber compound of the individual bump heads is pleasantly soft during pain. You can already feel this when slightly swiping over the topping. As a result, the bumps are more flexible and do not break off so easily. In addition, the balls dig deeper into the surface and are played back to the opponent with a lot of rotation and an unpleasant interference effect. Especially when playing with the plastic ball, the disruptive effect is immensely important in order to put the opponent under targeted pressure.

These are the strengths of the Long Bump Schmers:
The Schmerz is a real wall in the defensive game. Blocking and cutting off at the table works perfectly. In doing so, it produces a lot of cut and is superior to other coverings in terms of interference effect.
In the attack game, topspin with spin is a real secret weapon. This is only possible thanks to the soft upper rubber. This gives the flooring maximum flexibility for a wide variety of strokes.

Also try the version with the ultra-thin 0.5 mm sponge. The special
sponge dampens hard attack strikes and still provides enough momentum for disruptive attack hits.

Flexible long knob, which can also be used perfectly for attack due to its good control. Especially when it comes to rotation, hardly anyone blames the pain.

Speed: 43
Noise Effect: 100
Control: 94
Hardness medium +

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