S&T Secret Flow Chop

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$25.00 USD


A pimpled inner pad that creates more spin and control for the pimples player.

The Secret Flow Chop is equipped with a soft top rubber on a medium-hard SC sponge in orange. A special synthetic upper rubber brings true high performance in grip. From the beginning, the covering is under reasonable tension, so that you can easily see the individual pores of the upper rubber. Therefore, the flooring can easily bulge after removal from the packaging.

Playing style:
Effet control joy: During the development of the Secret
Flow Chop, a flooring was created that combines the highest efficiency and game control. Despite the highest effericity, the ball should
go where it should go. The topspin, especially on undercut, reaches a maximum of spin and is thus very dangerous for the opponent. Shot, shots and sleek defensive balls are possible thanks
to the high control without problems and very placed. The surface is particularly well suited when switching from defensive to offensive play. In this case, the flooring forgives many inaccuracies that can occur in a quick ball change.
We developed the Secret Flow Chop in coordination with a long bump on the backhand and thus created a more tailor-made offensive surface for the bump player.

Recommended game system:
The 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm version is
recommended for the classic defender or table-close player, who attaches great importance to control. Thanks to the "sc-sponge"
can very safely be placed short and long at the schupfen.
The 2.1 mm version is perfect for the modern troublemaker, who takes every chance to attack. Attacks that are carried out quickly can reach a high tempo without losing control like a sponge that is too hard.

Grippy covering, which is ideal for blocking and for topspin on undercut. Play yourself into
a real frenzy and experience the first pimples-inside-surface from the pimples expert!

Speed: 84
Spin: 100
Control: 97
Hardness: Soft +