S&T Super Stop

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$30.00 USD


Never be sensitive to rotation and cut again!

The Super Stop is an absolute lightweight under the pads with approx. 22 grams. The upper rubber is only slightly roughened and very thin. In colour, the black-grey top rubber of the anti-top is the opposite of the sponge, which has a bright yellow color. Both the upper rubber and the sponge are to be classified as rather hard.
The Super Stop is available in the sponge thicknesses of 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm.

For the anti-top beginner:
The Super Stop is very suitable for the start with an anti-top due to its slightly roughened, hard upper rubber. He is much more controlled to play than a smooth anti-top.

Here's how the Super Stop plays out:
The Super Stop takes the ball out of its entire rotation.
You experience an incomparable control by the slow, easy-to-grip anti-top while playing. The rotation is completely neutralized and passive balls can be played extremely safely.
When you aggressively poke the ball over the table, the Super Stop also develops a strong rotation. The cut of the opponent is simply taken over and amplified by small, fast movements in the forearm. Due to its moderate pace, it is no problem for the antitop to play strong punches back in a controlled manner. The ball then flies to the opponent's side with a very flat curve. In addition, the super stop manages to play the ball half-long on the table half of your opponent, which makes it difficult for him to attack the ball fully.
In the attacking game, pressing the ball against undercuts and especially the side wiper are very dangerous.

Even if you haven't played with an antitop yet, it's worth taking a close look at the Sauer & Tröger Super-Stop and testing it too. Especially if you don't feel safe enough in your game with long bumps or smooth antitops and make slight mistakes, then the super-stop is a real insider tip.

If you've had problems with your opponent's serve or topspin before, then the Super Stop is just the right surface for you. Your balls will no longer fly over the table and any rotation will be eliminated.

Speed: 43
Spin: 41
Control: 108
Hardness; Soft +