S&T Unicorn

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Handle: Straight
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Never lose control again!

1+5 Veneer: Masonia
2+4 Veneer: Ayous
Blade core: Awan

Magic moments with the Unicorn: After one year of development, the Unicorn sets new standards in controlled pimples play. The allround blade has been adapted to the playing characteristics of the new ABS ball down to the last detail. Not only that: The Unicorn is also a real visual highlight. The unicorn, designed by the Berlin artist Maria Degel, gives the blade a very individual and creative touch. The rainbow is symbolic for the many possibilities in offensive and defensive play. All in all, the Unicorn reflects the values of its divine namesake: strong, spirited and yet gentle.

Recommended game system:
The unicorn is perfectly adapted to the playing characteristics of all kinds of pimples rubbers. However, it should be the first choice for the following player types:

1.The advanced long pimples player:
With the unicorn you will experience an extremely intense playing sensation from the upper arm to the fingertips. Your opponent’s offensive power topspins are literally absorbed by the block and can be played back in a controlled manner. The Masonia outer veneer allows the ball to bounce directly off the blade, allowing the spin of the ABS ball to be better passed on. The light-coloured tropical wood “Ayous”, on the other hand, ensures that even offensive end shots with the forehand are possible.

2.The classic allround player:
Are you looking for a blade that offers a good mix of offensive and defensive qualities? The coordinated veneers of the Unicorn allow you to do just that. The direct stroke provides a good balance between passive blocking and pushing and the spin-friendly offensive game. The Unicorns tremendous control easily compensatesfor incorrect positional play or a wrong ball hitting point. Therefore, it is also possible to win the game against aggressive attacking players.

The Unicorn is a magic allround blade with outstanding control characteristics. The blade has been developed in close cooperation with the new Hellfire X rubber during its long development and harmonizes perfectly with this long pimple rubber.

Speed: 75
Control: 98
Flexural strength: 89
Weight: approx. 86 grams

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