S&T Zeus

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Handle: Straight
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Ultimate control and rotation for pimple players.

1+5 Layer: Hinoki
2+4 Layer: UD45 Carbon
Wood core: Kiri

Pimple table tennis on an unprecedented level. The goal was to create the highest quality and best wood for the modern defensive player, regardless of any development and material costs. The wood contains smallest graphite parts, the wood of the Japanese emperor tree and 2 veneers from ideally parallel running UD carbon. The outer veneers of Japanese Kiso Hinoki round off this combination perfectly.
The blade stands out due to its simple handle and large club blade.
The handle itself is wider and flatter than other blades. This allows it to fit medium to large hands very well. The center of gravity is rather further forward and lies approx. 3 cm + from the end of the club grip. Thus the blade plays itself extremely easily and is not
The special CBIF bonding has a very positive effect on the playing characteristics of the blade, similar to the Firestarter. This means that attack strokes over the table can be played at an above-average speed. When blocking, the blade feels like a wall. The tempo is taken out and you can control the placement yourself.
The big strength are also soft topspins on undercut, which you can play with a lot of feeling and rotation.
The large blade already gives you an idea that the wood has only one target: Ultimate control coupled with maximum rotation. You’ll notice that the Zeus feels much more intense than comparable blades from the very first contact with the ball. The blade gives you a unique feedback when you hit the ball. The ball burrows into your pimple and is pushed out at a flat angle. The rotation development of the Zeus is exceptionally high.
The large club blade helps you enormously to hit the ball fully in every situation.
Play system:
We recommend the blade for the all-rounder close to the table as well as for the defending player far away from the table.
The blade is perfectly cut to the long pimple Hellfire.

Short and sweet: The best blade for every pimple player

Speed: FH-67 BH-61
Control: FH-87 BH-92
Flexural strength: 85
Weight: approx. 91 grams