SpinLord Agenda OX

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
Sale price$20.00 USD


Like the Sternenfall the Agenda also has ribbed pimple tops, but the rubber compound is much softer and the pimples have a cylindrical shape without supporting cones. The space between the pimples is rather large and the width of the pimples is at a medium level. The pimples are also very sturdy.

The speed of the Agenda is rather low.

The Agenda is our best rubber for a classical defense, which is based on chopping with long arm movements some steps away from the table. We can recommend this rubber specially for players, who take the ball very late and tend to decide in the very last moment if they will chop the ball or try a more aggressive stroke.
This is possible because on of the main strength of the Agenda is the very high flexibility that enables the player to change quickly between active and passive strokes.
Hardly any other rubber is so effective and dangerous for this style of playing, and in addition the Agenda also has the advantage of still being very easy to control also for playing block balls and own attacks close to the table.
These strokes, and also all other strokes played with this rubber, also have a very flat ball trajectory and are dangerous enough to win some easy points.

Altogether the Agenda is the perfect all-around rubber for players who are focused on getting every ball back, but also are looking for a rubber offering a good disruptive effect and possibilities to surprise the opponent with unexpected strokes.

The version of the Agenda with sponge uses an elastic medium hard and medium fast sponge. In ox the Agenda is a little bit better for players who also play close to the table rather often. In 1,0 mm the Agenda is better for players who focus more on a classical defense.
In both versions the Agenda is a rubber for players who play very versatile.
For players, who only play block balls or attack, this rubber is not suitable.

Durability of the pimples: Very good
Pimple tops: Ribbed
Shape of the pimples: Straight

Speed: 68
Interference effect: 105
Control: 70
Hardness: OX