Spinlord Defender II

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Handle: Straight
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The SpinLord Defender II is a medium fast defensive frame and consists of 5 wood layers and has a slightly enlarged striking blade (162 x 155 mm). Outer layers Koto and the intermediate layers and core layer from Ayous.
From a tempo perspective, this frame is faster than the other SpinLord frames with an enlarged striking blade, the ball acceptance is also softer and therefore more sensitive. It is an ideal frame to combine with long studs and an effective backside rubber. This frame is also very suitable for defensive players who play with backside rubber on both sides. It is ideal for the modern defensive game system with attacking jams, but also for the passive defense (block and back spin strokes).

Speed: 79
Control: 99
Flexural strength: 88
Weight: approx. 82 grams