SpinLord Dornenglanz

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
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Without doubt the SpinLord Dornenglanz is our most famous long pimple-out rubber and it is also one of the best-selling rubbers of this category in the world.

This rubber has one disadvantage: The pimples are not as sturdy as those of some other rubbers, they can break rather fast if used for powerful shots. A small hint from our side: The red rubbers are in average more sturdy then the black rubbers, but the black ones are a little bit softer and more tacky.

The main advantage of this rubber is also quite clear: For playing block balls it is by far the most dangerous long pimple-out rubber in the world.

Some players even say that it is also very good for chopping and attacking, but we think for these strokes there are better rubbers. But if it is necessary, these can also be played effective and precise.

Playing block balls is superb in all variations, with or without using the wrist, active or passive. No matter with what technique you prefer playing block balls, the Dornenglanz is always the best choice if the highest possible disruptive effect is the most important point for you. And compared to the disruptive effect the Dornenglanz is still quite easy to play.
Many professional players also claim that they have chosen the Dornenglanz because it is very reliable - in any situation of the game, no matter how the opponent plays, it is easy to keep the ball under control and avoid easy mistakes. That the Dornenglanz is also rather insensitive to incoming spin clearly supports this.

The speed of the Dornenglanz is medium high. The rubber compound is elastic and medium hard. The pimples are very thin and have a cylindrical shape. The space between the pimples is rather large. The tops of the pimples are flat and even a little bit sticky. Previously a sticky top-sheet was only possible with inverted rubbers - Dornenglanz was the first rubber to change this. The pimple tops are even covered with a protection foil. Meanwhile some other brands have copied this, but actually SpinLord was the first brand to present such a rubber.

The Dornenglanz is a long pimple-out rubber for advanced players. but with some practice also average players can fully master this rubber.
Only if you never have played a long pimple-out rubber before, or you wish for a more versatile rubber, or a rubber with the highest possible control, then the Dornenglanz will not be the best choice for you.

Durability of the pimples: Slightly below average
Pimple tops: Flat, slightly sticky
Shape of the pimples: Straight

Speed: 70
Disturbing effect: 100
Control: 75