SpinLord Dornenglanz II

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
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The SpinLord Dornenglanz II is not just a new version of the Dornenglanz.
Although the pimples have almost the same size, the Dornenglanz II is almost a completely new rubber. The pimples of the Dornenglanz II are a little bit wider then those of the Dornenglanz and also have a cylindrical shape. The rubber compound is medium-hard and very elastic. The tops of the pimples are also slightly shiny like those of the Dornenglanz, but they are less tacky. Technically speaking, the main difference of the rubber compound between these two rubbers is, that the rubber compound of the Dornenglanz II has a lower proportion of natural rubber.

The Dornenglanz II can be played more versatile then the Dornenglanz.
The Dornenglanz may be more dangerous for blocking, but the Dornenglanz II is better for most other strokes. The Dornenglanz II is excellent for chopping and attacking and even for blocking it is not to much worse then the Dornenglanz.
It is rather easy to control and all balls that are played with this rubber have a very flat trajectory.

The Dornenglanz II is also faster then most of our other long pimple-out rubbers, it is a little bit faster then the Dornenglanz and slower then the Feuerstich, but much faster then all other rubbers.

The Dornenglanz II is perfect for skilled players who are looking for a rubber that is faster, harder and a little bit more dangerous then the Agenda or the Blitzschlag without being less versatile. High-class players will mostly use the Dornenglanz II for chopping, as the higher speed minimizes the opponents reaction time. Also the very flat trajectory of the balls played with the Dornenglanz II makes uninterrupted attacking against this rubber very difficult.
The Dornenglanz II often will force the opponent to play a weaker and rather passive stroke, which can be used for sudden own attacks.

And not to forget, the pimples of the Dornenglanz II are more durable then those of the Dornenglanz, although they are not as unbreakable as those of the Blitzschlag, Strahlkraft or the Sternenfall

Please note that the Dornenglanz II is made with a very special rubber formula. It can't be prevented that after the production some very small parts of resin remain to be between the pimples.

Durability of the pimples: Average
Pimple tops: Flat, not sticky
Shape of the pimples: Straight

Speed: 70
Disturbing effect: 95
Control: 79