SpinLord Gepard

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$27.00 USD


The Gepard is a very fast but also very easy to play short pimple rubber. As for the length of the (wide) studs, the Gepard is actually a studded rubber of medium length. However, the studs are so extremely hard and inelastic that the Gepard plays 100% like a short stud rubber, as the studs don't buckle even on hard attacking hits. The stud heads are corrugated. The underlayer of the Gepard is the same medium-hard underlayer as with the SpinLord rubbers Keiler and Gipfelsturm. So there is also a light built-in glue effect. The Gepard has three strong points: Despite the high speed, balls can be played and placed with extreme precision. Second, the Gepard is extremely impervious to incoming rotation, but at the same time it can generate some rotation on its own. And third, it can be used by players of all leagues, both by absolute top players and by players in the lower leagues with no experience with pimple rubbers

Speed: 102
Spin: 77
Control: 88
Hardness: Medium