SpinLord Gigant

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.2
Sale price$22.00 USD


The SpinLord giant is a breakthrough in the development of plastic ball-suitable anti-coverings.

The Giant's sponge is the same extremely slow damping sponge used for the Lion Mantlet.

However, the giant's upper rubber is significantly different, so that the playing characteristics of both pads are hardly comparable overall. The upper rubber is very hard, but still slightly elastic. The surface is not rough or smooth, but very easy to grip. In this point, the giant is best compared to Giant Dragon's Soft Anti.

In passive play, the giant is almost as slow as the mantlet, but much more dangerous. The giant absorbs enemy cut almost completely, but can produce its own. This not only allows block balls to be placed safely and briefly, but also has a disruptive effect that has not been seen before with Antis. This efficiently eliminates the risk of being "shot down" due to too innocuous block balls.

With the giant, even poisonous undercut balls are possible, which make it enormously difficult for the opponent to play a topspin at all. Own offensive strikes are also a good option to confuse the opponent.

However, the penetration is not enough for hard final strokes.

The giant should be played with slightly adapted "noppen-inside" hitting techniques. Players who have played grippy, long bumps so far are also likely to get along quickly with the giant. However, the giant cannot be played effectively with hitting techniques such as smooth anti-coverings.

The giant is an extremely light surface.

Installation is possible with coating adhesives without VOC as well as with adhesive films. We recommend the installation with our SpinLord Fast Fix or Ultra Fix glue, so that the flooring can be easily peeled off the wood (please apply only one layer of glue to wood and covering at a time).

Speed: 35
Spin: 55
Control: 100
Hardness: 35 °