SpinLord Leviathan Premium

Color rubber: Black
Thickness: OX
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With this flooring, we have been able to remedy the weaknesses and defects of the first batch produced, which we market as a 1b version of leviathan.

The built-in voltage was reduced and the fluctuations in grip were minimized. The Leviathan 1a is therefore on average noticeably more grippy than the 1b version. Thus, the stickiness of the bump heads is, as originally also intended, constant at the level of the thorn gloss. Due to the higher grip and the lower voltage, the Leviathan has also become minimally slower, so that we now specify the tempo only with "4".

The durability has also been improved, it is now slightly above the durability of the thorn gloss and is still not very good overall, but at least to be rated as average.

However, the Leviathan is really only available in ox black. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce this covering in red without any quality problems.

Less savvy players will find little difference between Leviathan 1b, Thorn Gloss and Leviathan. Also visually, all 3 coverings look almost the same. This should also be the case, because all pads are based on the same rubber compound, use an almost identical shape of the bumps and have the same shiny bump heads.
It has long been customary for pimples to offer several versions of the bestsellers, e.g. with different sponges. We are now transferring this principle to an ox covering in a slightly different form.

Like the thorn gloss, the Leviathan is extremely strong in block play, but slightly easier to control. It is also a bit more elastic and overall variable to play. The advantage over other controlled long bumps such as the lightning strike, however, is simply the fact that the unmistakable playing feeling of the thorn gloss is preserved in addition to the higher interference effect. This means: The Leviathan is meant to play at the table, it can be played without using the wrist and it is even playable with ABS plastic balls.

Some powerful players may eventually prefer the thorn gloss. The Leviathan should be the best choice overall, especially for the players, who find the thorn gloss too uncontrolled in some game situations, but in the previous alternatives Blitzschlag, Agenda etc. miss the extreme strength of the thorn gloss in block play.

Another essential strength of Leviathan is the universal combinability with any kind of wood. The Leviathan is quite dominant and neutralizes to a certain extent a harder or softer ball stop on the wood.

All in all, the Leviathan has now become a more elastic, less idiosyncratic version of the thorn gloss optimized for plastic balls. This flooring should be cleaned with a flooring cleaner like pimples inside.

Important ways:
Of course, the sale of the SpinLord Leviathan as a 1b version continues as long as the still very large stock lasts !
At the moment both versions also have an identical covering and of course both pads also look identical. On the floor cover there are therefore still values and texts that are no longer quite true.

Only available in OX thickness

Speed: 77
Noise Effect: 95
Control: 75

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