Spinlord Minotaur

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$22.00 USD


The SpinLord Minotaur is a very unusual, almost experimental semi-long pimpled rubber. The cylindrical studs are extremely thin, significantly thinner than most medium-length studs. You would now expect these to break down very easily and quickly. But neither is the case. The studs are very robust and bend forward only with difficulty. Also, the studs are quite long, longer than most other medium length studs, but slightly shorter than most long studs. Basically, the Minotaur is very fast, hard and also has a slight slingshot effect. This time the underlayer is a medium-hard, fairly classic offensive underlayer from China without a built-in glue effect and is therefore especially suitable for block and counter playing. Overall, the Minotaur can be rated as a controlled offensive rubber. The block and counter game is actually the great strength of the Minotaur. It can generate a very high jamming effect, which is significantly higher than other medium-length studs. Often the disturbing effect is even enough to get a point with this alone. However, the Minotaur should be used offensively as much as possible.

Speed: 90
Disturbance effect: 95
Control: 78
Hardness: Medium