SpinLord Quokka

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$25.00 USD


Why another handy anti from SpinLord?

Quite simply because the quokka is very different from the sand wind or the giant. On the one hand, it is a little faster than the sand wind and therefore unusually fast for an anti (on the topping packaging there is speed 6, but we now upgrade the topping to 7). At the same time, however, the anti-effect is much stronger. The quokka certainly does not reinvent the genre of antis, but it complements it sensibly and also enables an effective anti-play with the plastic balls.

The Quokka is an all-round surface, not a defensive surface. The medium hard sponge (hardness approx. 42 - 44 degrees) is accordingly not a damping sponge, but a rather catapult-strong classic offensive sponge without a built-in fresh adhesive effect. It is best compared to Friendship's denot-made Red Magic sponge, but comes from a different manufacturer.

The upper rubber is extremely slow, even slower than that of the giant or that of the Lion Mantlet, because it is designed a little softer. It is very thin and has long inward-facing bumps. Still, it's not elastic. The surface is sanded but grippy

The special playing characteristics of the Quokka result from the combination of the extremely slow upper rubber with the rather fast sponge. This makes the quokka more unpredictable than conventional antis, especially with plastic balls, especially since the ball flight curve is difficult to predict even in the game without rotation. The Quokka is not only almost unbeatable in the block game, but is also ideal for effective own attacks on empty balls of the opponent. It is of course less intended for topspins, but it allows to counter almost all balls, shoot or simply "press" with a short movement of the wrist.

The Quokka is easy to control and is also suitable for players who have never played an anti.

We recommend the Quokka especially to players with a strong forehand side as a backhand pad, if there are few topspins played on the backhand side and there are problems with the acceptance of opposing cut. The Quokka is the right surface to fend off enemy attacks at the table and prepare your own attack balls. On the other hand, it is rather not the right surface if you play passively or prefer the game from the half-distance.

The Quokka is also very light and high-quality.

Please note that the sponge thicknesses 1.8 / 2.0 mm are available additionally (first) from approx. July. However, the quokka will not be offered in ox and in sponge thicknesses below 1.5 mm.

Speed: 75
Spin: 55
Control: 90
Hardness: 42⁰-44⁰

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