SpinLord Quokka II

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.2
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"Even slower and you play the ball backwards" - this is how the creators of GeblockTT 2018 described the Anti Lion Mantlet.

Now Lion present the E-Shield and SpinLord the Quokka II Antis, which are even slower than the Mantlet - but unfortunately you can't play the ball backwards with them either.

The E-Shield is a bit slower than the Mantlet and much softer, while the Quokka II is only a bit softer than the Mantlet, but much slower. Of course, the same applies in direct comparison to the SpinLord giant.

The topsheet of the Quokka II is the same as the Quokka - so it's sanded down, has a similar grip to the mantlet, but is more elastic. The top sheet of the E-Shield is also sanded down, but still has a bit more grip than the top sheets of the other Antis from Lion and SpinLord. However, this should not be due to the manufacturing process, but to the significantly softer and also slightly more elastic rubber compound.

Basically, all of the already mentioned Antis from Lion and SpinLord are quite close to each other in terms of play and the disruptive effect is also quite similar, although the Mantlet falls noticeably behind the other rubbers in this respect and also in terms of spin that can still be generated. The E-Shield is perhaps the most dangerous of all, with slightly less control.

We would recommend the Quokka II as a good alternative for players looking for a rubber similar to the giant but with even less speed.

The Lion E-Shield is playfully a little more independent. It also doesn't have the same red dampening sponge as the rubbers Gigant, Mantlet and Quokka II, but a slightly more elastic blue dampening sponge, which is also very soft.

The ball contact time of the E-Shield is longer compared to the Quokka II and it is a bit livelier despite the very slow pace. On the other hand, it does not dampen the passive block game quite as brutally as the Quokka II. Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage is likely to be subjective.

Conclusion: All the antis mentioned - Lion Mantlet, SpinLord Gigant, Lion E-Shield, SpinLord Quokka II - you can clearly see that they come from the same factory and sometimes only differ in nuances.

With the Lion Mantlet, the focus is on total control. In most of the other points, especially the disruptive effect, it performs the weakest.
The SpinLord giant still has the most spin and speed.
The Lion E-Shield is the most elastic and softest in the ball touch.
The SpinLord Quokka II is the slowest anti of them all.
All rubbers mentioned are extremely light, durable and well made.

First of all, compared to the Quokka, the Quokka II is incredibly much slower and also a bit more controlled. However, the disruptive effect of the Quokka II is also lower than that of the Quokka, whose disruptive effect is unusually high for an anti.


The Quokka II rubber offered here was initially only produced as a small series for us and therefore does not have its own packaging. Both the Quokka and Quokka II also have a red sponge.

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