SpinLord Sternenfall

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$23.00 USD


Our long pimple-out rubber SpinLord Sternenfall has cylindrical pimples with a small supporting cones at the bottom of the pimples. The tops of the pimples are ribbed.
This rubber also features a very large space between the pimples.
The rubber compound of the Sternenfall is medium hard, that means it is noticeable harder then the rubber compound of all other long pimple-out rubbers from our brand. But amazingly, the rubber compound is still quite elastic.
As a result unlike other harder long pimple-out rubbers the Sternenfall can be played quite versatile.
The pimples of Sternenfall are also very durable. Normally harder pimples will break much easier then soft ones, Sternenfall ist the exception from this rule. Unlike other harder long pimple-out rubbers the Sternenfall is also rather slow.

Sternenfall is very insensitive to the spin of the opponent, so you can use this to play your strokes in a very active manner.
One result of this is that the SpinLord Sternenfall is our best long pimple rubber for attacking.
With this rubber you can attack almost every ball (also in ox version). With this rubber you can play any kind of aggressive stroke, even hard counter attacks and powerful shots. Or you just push your block balls forward into the corners of the table instead of playing this stroke passively.
Chopping and undercut balls are also possible without problems, but these strokes are not the main strength of this rubber. These strokes and also passive block balls can be played very safely, but they are not very dangerous for the opponent.

The ox version is best for playing close to the table, the version with sponge (the sponge is also medium hard) is better for players who often go back one or two steps.

The Sternenfall is best for players of medium and lower level. For high class players looking for a long pimple-out rubber for attacking, our SpinLord Strahlkraft will be better. The SpinLord Strahlkraft is more dangerous then the SpinLord Sternenfall, but it requires more advanced playing techniques.

Durability of the pimples: Very good.
Pimple tops: Ribbed
Shape of the pimples: Straight with supporting cones at the bottom

Speed: 68
Disturbing effect: 95
Control: 82
Hardness: Medium