SpinLord Strahlkraft

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$26.00 USD

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Our new long bump SpinLord radiance differs significantly from SpinLord's other long bumps due to a previously unused shape of the bumps and a newly developed rubber compound.

The rubber compound contains a novel polymer that makes the coating more grippy, elastic and slower than other coverings without sacrificing the disruptive effect. It is a similar rubber compound to some of the new coatings from other manufacturers, but SpinLord was able to integrate the new polymer into the rubber compound at an even higher dose, thereby increasing the effect. The bumps are straight, but have an unusually wide conical reinforcement on the pimples. This increases the catapult effect in the active game and makes the surface even more unpredictable for the opponent. The bump heads are unerified, but slightly sticky. Overall, the radiance of all our long bumps is the most grippy.

This flooring in ox is especially suitable for more powerful players who prefer a variable interference game at the table. The radiance enables unprecedented rotational variants. Especially players who try to confuse the opponent with short movements from the wrist will benefit enormously from this surface. Passively played without using the wrist, the radiance is very controlled, but not as dangerous as some other long bumps. Passively played block balls can be placed extremely short and flat, as the radiance takes a lot of tempo out of the game. As with pimples-inner pads, the radiance should be played with rotation in order to be able to take full advantage of this covering - only then does the radiance become more dangerous than other long bumps. Most players will need 2-3 training sessions to use the higher grip for their own advantage.

The radiance is otherwise basically very strong in all strokes, whether block balls, undercut defense or own attacks. However, due to its increased grip and elasticity, it is also slightly more sensitive to incoming rotation (especially when accepting enemy impacts) than SpinLord's other long bumps.

In the version with sponge, the radiance is even better suited for a classic undercut defense. A flat ball flight curve and a very high interference effect with still good control characterize this version. The sponge is medium hard, high quality and elastic, as well as relatively fast. Compared to the SpinLord Agenda or Starfall with Sponge, the radiance with sponge is more dangerous, but also more challenging to play and above all an option for very powerful players.

Speed: 62
Noise Effect: 100
Control: 79
Hardness: Medium-

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