Spinlord Ultra Carbon

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Handle: Flared
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The Ultra Carbon offers you all the advantages of a Carbon frame. It is very easy to check for such a fast frame. It is lighter than comparable frames without Carbon and is of course very robust.
The Ultra Carbon also offers you what you would not have expected from a Carbon frame so far: A very sensitive and soft ball acceptance. The possibility to also play passively with a lot of feeling, an optimal elasticity, which in addition to pressure-packed offensive strokes also allows strokes with maximum rotation, that is to say that this frame is not completely stiff, but also does not swing too strongly during hard strokes.
The frame consists of 5 wood layers and 2 carbon layers and is jointly approximately 5.9 mm thick. The outer layers are of Limba, the intermediate layers of Koto and the core layer of Ayous. The Carbon layers are from the softest and thinnest carbon type. The Ultra Carbon, as with the Ultra Spin and the Ultra Allround, has a handle with plastic that fits very well in the hand. Depending on the choice of rubber, this frame is suitable for all playing strategies from All + to Off +. Actually it can be combined well with all types of rubbers, including long and short studs.

Pace: 101
Control: 90
Flexural strength: 93
Weight: approx. 85 grams

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