Spinlord Ultra Spin

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Handle: Straight
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The SpinLord Ultra Spin is our best All + / Off frame without Balsa and Carbon and the optimal choice for all players who use a variable and effective way of playing. The Ultra Spin is light top heavy and relatively stiff. The size of the striking blade is approx. 155 x 152 mm.
The frame consists of 5 layers of wood, the outer layers are from Koto and the core layer from Ayous. The two intermediate layers are made of Berkenhout. This wood combination provides a slightly harder ball reception, which is clearly softer than that of the Chinese frames, making it very suitable for a European playing method. The greatest strength of this frame is that it can be optimally combined with effective rubbers in order to obtain the optimal effect. As with the Ultra Allround, the handle is provided with plastic and lies perfectly in the hand. The Ultra Spin is combined in such a way that it can be combined well with all types of rubbers. This frame is not suitable for predominantly passive play, it is too fast for that. It is more of an offensive as an all-round frame.
Available handles: straight / concave / anatomical and Chinese pen holder.

Pace: 92
Control: 90
Flexural strength: 90
Weight: approx. 82 grams

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