SpinLord Waran II

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$24.00 USD


The short bump SpinLord Waran II combines the unchanged upper rubber of the waran with an extremely fast and medium hard sponge (hardness approx.44-46 degrees, it is the newly developed sponge of the SpinLord Irbis II).

As a result, the Waran II has even more penetration than the Waran.

For good players with short bumps, the shot is the most important blow - and with no other surface, players can shoot as effectively as with this one. Not only the high tempo, but also the very flat ball flight curve and the insensitivity to incoming rotation are decisive for this.

Sure, you can also play short block balls, counter your opponent's attacks and play topspins with this surface – but the direct attack is the way to victory with this surface.

The Waran II is our recommendation especially for strong players. While the Waran can also be used in lower game classes, the Waran II is less suitable for such players.

However, the Waran II is surprisingly controlled in relation to the high tempo, so even undercut balls are still possible.

Unfortunately, the Waran II is much heavier than the Waran, but the weight is still only slightly above average

Speed: 106
Spin: 80
Control: 85
Hardness: Medium