Stiga DNA Dragon Grip 55

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 2.3
Sale price$45.00 USD


With the introduction of plastic balls, a new trend has started in the development of modern offensive rubbers. The tendency is clear towards harder underlayers with very grippy and sometimes sticky top layers. With the development of the DNA Dragon Grip, Stiga has succeeded in combining the best of modern sponge technology and surface technology.

The DNA Dragon Grip has an extremely grippy and sticky surface, which ensures a high degree of control with maximum rotational development. Unlike classic Chinese rubbers, which often have a sticky surface but are slightly less dynamic, the Stiga rubber offers an integrated instant adhesive effect with very good dynamics thanks to the German sponge technology. At 55°, the underlayer is quite hard, but feels much softer thanks to the tensor technology.

The DNA Dragon Grip is manufactured in Germany with the new C-Touch Tensor technology. This advanced sponge technology was developed based on extensive feedback from top players and AI (Artificial Intelligence). By digitally evaluating data, Stiga was able to identify key material properties that were previously only possible by analyzing thousands of different rubber samples. The result of the data analysis is a surface with unique properties and the aforementioned extra hard underlayer with 55 degrees.

The rubber helps you especially when serving and returning. Thanks to the sticky surface, a very high rotation is possible here. The hard backing also has less slingshot, allowing for very controlled and placed play of the receiving balls. In the topspin opening, it impresses with its high grip and maximum effect development. The DNA Dragon Grip has a very high, long ball flight.
Stiga DNA Dragon Grip - sticky surface for superior grip and high control.

Speed: 109
Spin: 122
Control: 90
Hardness: Hard