Sword Dance

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$22.00 USD


The sponge of the Sword Dance is the same as with the Sword Long Can, but slightly thinner (1.8 mm instead of 2.0 mm). Thus, the sponge is rather soft and above all very slow, the tempo of the covering is generated almost alone by the very fast upper rubber.

The upper rubber of the dance is clearly different from the Long Can, the bumps are much smaller and a little longer. This makes the dance a little faster. Also, the bumps are more grippy and softer, as well as more elastic. However, this is relative, since the bumps are still medium-hard, and the elasticity is also rather only in the middle range.

The Sword Dance is still quite easy to master overall, but unlike many other short bumps it is also suitable for high-class players.

Its strength is the high disruptive effect for a short bump. At the same time, controlled block balls are also possible and enemy rotation can be easily defused. With passive strokes, the sponge dampens slightly, with offensive strokes the bumps of the upper rubber allow a high acceleration. In contrast to many other short bumps, where the focus is on a high disruptive effect, the dance can also play your own undercut balls and topspins. However, the dance in these areas is not as strong as e.g. the SpinLord Degu or Waran. Also the pace of this covering is only controlled offensive and is thus well below the pace of other newly developed short bumps.

Delivery is partly without packaging, but it is 1A original product !

Speed: 80
Spin: 80
Control: 80
Hardness: Soft

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