Sword Long Can OX

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
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This rubber is named after the former world champion Chen Longcan, who helped develop the flooring and plays himself.

The tempo of the Long Can is in the middle range, i.e. still below that of the Kokutaku Tuple 119 II and the SpinLord Degu. However, the hard upper rubber alone is very fast, the pace is even almost comparable to that of the SpinLord Waran. The sponge, however, is very soft, very slow and also rather inelastic. It is not a damping sponge, so the pace of the covering with sponge is already faster than without it. However, the feeling of playing is quite similar to that of such pads, so block balls can be played e.g. very unpleasantly short.

The bumps of the Long Can have a straight tip and a conical bottom (which increases tempo and effect). What is particularly striking, however, is how little grippy the fluted bump heads are. According to the new ITTF rules, the grip is at least quite hard at the limit of what is allowed.

The Long Can is very insensitive to incoming rotation and is dangerous for the opponent due to its short, strongly sloping and flat ball curve. For fast offensive strokes, however, some effort is required, also for playing from the half-distance the covering is less suitable due to the low catapult effect of the sponge.

As always, the values apply to the version with sponge; especially with this covering, we would like to point out that with another sponge (i.e. If you purchase the ox version and stick another sponge under the upper rubber) a completely different playing behavior is possible.

Conclusion: The Sword Long Can is a bit strange but definitely a real innovation that you should just try.

Delivery takes place without the pictured packaging, but it is 1A original product !

Speed: 88
Spin: 70
Control: 85