Sword Scylla III 0.8

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 0.8
Sale price$20.00 USD


The rubber Scylla III looks nothing like the Scylla and not much like the Venom.

Instead, it's a fairly slow, long-pimpled rubber that's clearly optimized for blocking at the table with occasional disruptive attacking hits.

The studs of the Scylla III are quite wide and the distance between the studs is also quite small. The length of the studs is at the upper limit

What's really special about the Scylla III are the studs: they're flat, shiny and a little tacky like some of SpinLord's long studs. This production technology was originally developed and perfected by Lion and SpinLord.

The Scylla III is easy to play and manageable, even for lower league players.

The Scylla III is well suited for players who only play close to the table.