Tibhar Fortino Force

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Handle: Straight
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A seven-ply offensive frame from the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES that lives up to its name "Force".
It is not a great art to produce fast aggressive offensive frames - but to build a frame with fiber reinforcement on the core, keeping pace with frames with external synthetic fibers in tempo and impact, is exceptional. The basis for this is the use of an innovative fabric consisting of carbon and Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiberT, which ensures an excellent uniform ball jump and minimizes disturbing vibrations. Not only this high-end fabric, but also the special tuning of the other veneers, makes it an extremely powerful attack frame for uncompromising, offensive play. This FORTINO variant "Force" with internal synthetic fiber is incredibly direct and not only designed for aggressive topspin, but it is also very precise for blocking, counterplay and smashing.

Pace: 97
Control: 86
Flexural strength:90
Weight: approx. 85 grams

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