Tibhar Grass D.Tecs GS Acid green

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Color rubber: Green
Thickness: OX
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The OX version of Tibhar Grass D.TecS in acid green color with a pre-applied layer of glue. You need only to apply the glue to the blade, bypassing the chore of applying glue (or using a special gluing sheet) to a sponge-less rubber.

The combination of D.TecS technology and the long-pimple classic GRASS makes completely new variations of undercut and cut change defense possible. The built-in tension in the upper rubber and sponge makes the pimples more elastic and creates an incredible undercut. In addition, the D.TecS effect leads to excellent control in the defense due to the softness of the cover, but at the same time it brings enough speed to bring the opponent out of rhythm during attacks with disturbing attack balls.

Speed: 45
Spin: 95
Control: 75
Colour: green