Victas Koki Niwa

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Handle: Straight
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Japanese exceptional player Koki Niwa, one of the best players in the world for years, was involved and led the development of this premium product. This noble offensive frame is the perfect equipment for a creative Power table tennis playing close to the table. The innovative DSE wood technology with two built-in high-tech synthetic fibers optimizes the energy transfer to the ball. This feature makes it possible to play aggressive ré-top spins and extreme spin variations in serive and receiving game. The extra reinforced core layer together with the strength of internal aramid carbon fibers improves fast topspin from 2nd position and improves overall stability in the boundary area. The outer, highly stretchable carbon fleece is responsible for excellent ball feel and enormous spin potential. The VICTAS Koki Niwa is a perfect offensive frame for the modern offensive player.
Available handles: straight and concave

Pace: 102
Control: 92
Flexural strength: 96
Weight: approx. 88 grams

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